Thursday, 22 May 2014


    Have you ever been able to keep the light on? 

  Keeping the light, and trying to keep happiness is all the same thing. It's the map for the directions of the soul, with the faith that lets you know that you're exactly where you're supposed to be. 

  It takes a load of work to maintain happiness. After euphoric vibes, people have had the negative spark in them that something might dim the light, in due course.

  However, it's not supposed to be like that. The light is supposed to stay. It's something never ever to go away. 

  In my personal experience, I had lust for this youth-fountain of light that never runs out. I had smiles that my candle was lit, only that the wick turned out to burn down completely, sooner than I thought. 

                       ''  A candle's wax may melt down along with it's gleam, 
                  but it doesn't mean yours has to. '' - Me! 
Staying happy is a constant effort,
     but it's nothing impossible. 

Smile For The Camera

HOW TO STAY EUPHORIC IN THE LONG RUN:                                                                                
1. Things happen for perfect reasons, and you don't have to panic about them. All you should do right now is be calm, and approach anything that comes along positively. (There's no room for negativity. Not in life. Not today. Not even in this blog!)

2. Letting things, and people affect your 'light' is not something that should happen. This is your life, no one else's. Your soul deserves illumination. Never let anyone take it away. 

3. The past already happened, the future is not set. Stop counting your days, instead, make them count.

4. Over-thinking will ruin experiences and spoil things around you. Go with the flow, and have positivity with every heartbeat. 

5. Know that being happy if the MOST important thing. 
Happiness is superior to everything that exists. Your emotions is what moulds your reality, so hold on to inner-peace.

You have to stop giving your responsibilities to the future, and start thinking 'responsibilities' as achievements that you gain along your road (which is supposed to be filled with light!) The more you achieve, the brighter your world gets. However don't be doomed if something goes wrongly, because everything will turn out to be ok. Trust me.

What I wore:
Lace Top - Forever 21
Stripped Tube - Zara
Lace Shorts - Forever 21
Shoes - Converse
Bag and shades - Here and there!
Owl Necklace - Accesorize

Photographs by: Lou, of Steal-thestyle 

Much love, xoxo 

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Love Is A Splendid Thing

Love is many splendid things. It goes from a scale of having feelings of fickle, to admirations, attractions, and adorations to anything/anyone in life.

''Love is when the sun dies for the moon,
when you wake and that person is whom you think of,
when flowers bloom to show,
it is a force of nature,
it is something we cannot command, nor demand. '' 
- Dianne M 

Stay Euphoric. Forever stay in equilibrium. 

Speaking of nature, love is what's within it. It is the root of love. There is a natural connection between us humans and the trees and plants that grow around us. We feel at home sitting along the beach, the way we feel at home hearing birds chirp, how we feel at home with the sunlight on our skin, and the sound of someone special's voice.

In order for something to love us back, we must first learn to love ourselves, and love the universe.

'' I 

I am a daughter of the sea.

I am a lady of the moon.

I am a child of the universe.
I live because of these things. Not the things that 
beings can give, but because of the things the universe can. 
And I see this way not to become one with what humanity is, but to become one with what life really is.''

- Dianne M 

Poetry has become a big part of me, and most of all, the whole existence of art. It's gives one the feeling that you exist, that you are living, that you are someone. 

Daughter of The Universe, yo.

Love is also found where you find yourselves in others. It's not the kind of love where you have feelings of attraction, but the feelings where you feel speckles of yourself existing in other things, and other beings. These kinds of feelings make you feel a part of something, to be a part of them too in some way.


It was a day that was a bit too chilly to be by the beach, but nevertheless, I am always uplifted whenever I spend to have even an hour around the beach. It soaks up all the impurities, all the negativities. 

After our shoot, my lovely friend Lou, and I went to one of the best restos by the beach and got some grub to eat. Having this wonderful strawberry shake and giant burger finished our shoot smoothly, and satisfied me completely.

We are cornered with love, and the green creations of the universe, so we mustn't misuse this gift of life.
 Let's not forget this. 

Take Care Always,
and Stay Euphoric, 

Dianne M xoxo 

P.s: The photo above is I, the goofy person behind this blog. 

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However for those who are waiting for a follow-back, I will get back to you as soon as this beginner's glitch is resolved! 



Sleeve-less: ZARA
Checkered shirt: ZARA
Studded shorts: Thrifted 
Tights: N/A 
Floral Bag: Thrifted 
Bangles: Accesorize 
Cat Ears Hat: Terranova 

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Introduction: EUPHORIA


  - E - U - P - H - O - R - I - C     V - I - B - E  

                EUPHORIA. It's the feeling of elation. That dreamy daze. The state of intense excitement and happiness. It's knowing you're alive. The times when we live in the moment like the past never happened, and the future never will. They're best moments.

                In the light of this being the first post for my blog, let me share my ideas  to instantly lighten your mood! 

 >>> happiness is only a state of mind <<<

Simple ways to elevate your spirits :
1.       Clear your mind with impurities. You don't need them.
2.       Play an up-beat music playlist to start your good mood
3.       Look in the mirror and think 5 positive things about yourself
4.       Write a quick appreciation/thank you note for 3 people you cherish by letter, text, pm..
5.       Compliment anyone in your household randomly
6.       Plan your day and feel good about it, no matter what activity: school,home, etc
7.       Wear baggy, light clothes
8.       Give a  big smile, it'll instantly lift your mood
9.       Organize your workplace - a tidy environment is important
10.   Exercise - even in the most basic ways like going to the store, cleaning, cooking
11.    Drink cold water, then have an energizing shower
12.   Appreciate simple things
13.   Write down those little things that make you happy
14.   Form a notebook where you can track or update your 'happiness'
15.   And finally, remind yourself you're awesome. Cos you are.  Be happy about that fact.

Welcome to my blog! My aim is to promote well-being, inner-peace, and happiness to avail a EUPHORIC VIBE! 
Lookin' forward to post things for readers so that they can hopefully enjoy my blog. Don't forget to follow me with your google email account to add me to your circles, as well as to not forget to click on my 'google follow circle: gfc '' button on the side of my blog! 

More soon and 
take care,

Dianne M 

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